There is so much more to CAShh - it’s hard to put it all into categories.

There are wonderful letters of encouragement and strength beyond imagination. There are photos of events past and present.

Our wonderful volunteers who tirelessly do what needs to be done and seldom say no when asked.

And, of course, our patients for whom we rally together to offer care, but really who show us the importance of living life right now and being grateful for every moment. Our clients are the reason we are here, our volunteers are the reason we are staying. 

apple stackThe Community Unity group, local churches working together to make a difference in our community, have so very generously helped many of our patients with their yard work, both spring and fall. Cancer Assistance Services is proud to be associated with such a community oriented group.  


Thank You

and you, and you, and you! 


Thank you to our kind donors. Come and see.


Letters From our Volunteers

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